Commemorating Dr. Omar Khalidi – MIT research librarian

For full coverage of the obituary, click here: Dr. Omar Khalidi — Obituary

A speech given by his daughter, Aliya, at the MIT memorial service yesterday in his honor

“People like us should and can act as bridges between different cultures.”
Omar Khalidi

image and quote courtesy: Charminar Connection / CSMonitor


“On behalf of my family, I want to thank you all for coming here today.  Thank you for your emails, phone calls, and all the other ways that you’ve shown that you care for my father and our family.

Being a part of the MIT community meant so much to my father.   For 27 years, starting even before I was born, he devoted his life to academia and this intellectual community.   He loved it so much that he wanted me to attend MIT for undergrad, and when I chose to attend Wellesley College instead, he would introduce it as “MIT’s sister institution, Wellesley.” continue reading the Memorial Speech


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